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Ftoroplastoviye Tekhnologii JSC

Ftoroplastoviye Tekhnologii JSC(Fluoroplastic Technology) specialises in fabrication of fluoroplastic products based on Clients' drawings.
The company has extensive production assets for fabrication of blanks (such as rods, bushings, rings, plates, etc.) from polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) and PTFE-based compounds. All fluoroplastic items are fabricated in accordance with the defined specifications and comply with applicable state health & safety and epidemiological rules and regulations.
We have a workshop for production of PTFE skived tape of the PN grade. We also offer FPM (fluoroplastic packing material) braids and tape for use as chemical-resistant self-lubricating packing and gasket material within the temperature range of -60o to +150 o under pressures of up to 64 MPa.


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Products of our company

Fluoroplastic Cubes

The company has a long-term experience in production and supply of the phluorplastic cubes for poultry-industry. The quality of the cubes is undoubtable and the prices are quite competitive.

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Fluoroplastic Bushings and Rings

Our company has a good experience in production of the rings in diverse custom sizes.

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