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Production of PFTE-tape with bronze filler

Our company has produced the fluoroplastic tape F4Br40 with 40% bronze-powder filling, the higher thermo-conductive qualities of which ensure better wear resistance of PFTE-tape.

New division of automatic compression
The company opened a new division of automatic compression of finished PFTE-products that makes possible serial production of finished products (gaskets, ring plates, O-rings) according to specification drawings.

We are looking for co-operation with companies and organizations in supplying the finished PFTE-products without preliminary machining. Fabrication of simple details by the automatic compression method opens a possibility of production comparatively "cheep" products, due to the reduced material waste (no machining is necessary) at higher permissible variations for the details +/-0.2 mm.

New PFTE-based compound
Our company produced experimental sample of a new compound based on PFTE and alumina powder (F4AO10) for the details working under high voltages and resistant to a corona discharge.
We offer the possibility of using the products made of fluoroplastic material F4AO10 as the insulating details to all the manufacturers of switching appliances, transformers and power substations.
Additional technical characteristics of the material available upon request.
Production of protective covers for gaskets
At our machining division we produced first samples of PFTE protective covers for gaskets in compliance with TU 95-81-81.
The same technology allows fabrication of thin gaskets (0.4 to 2 mm) with a thick wall. The machining method allows minimizing the waste of material at the production.
Production of complex compound details

The company is actively fabricating custom products not only from PFTE and F4K20, but also from more complex compounds with the addition of glass, molybdenum disulfide, coke and graphite.

Production of square and rectangular shapes
Our company started production of square and rectangular shapes, used in guideways and split O-rings.
We now can fabricate the PFTE and PFTE-based compounds (F4K20, F4C15, F4K15M5) section with cross-section area from 0,04 to 130 mm2.
Production of new shaped section
Company began the production of the 0,2x0,2 mm square shape, used as a filler for various filtering elements in production of filters and desorbers.


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