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Ftoroplastoviye Tekhnologii JSC†(Fluoroplastic Technology) specialises in fabrication of custom fluoroplastic products based on Clients' drawings. The company has extensive production assets for fabrication of blanks (such as rods, bushings, rings, plates, etc.) from polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) and PTFE-based compounds. All fluoroplastic items are fabricated in accordance with the defined specifications and comply with applicable state health & safety and epidemiological rules and regulations.
Fluoroplastic is a modern and unique plastic material which has a number of advantages related to its good physical and mechanical properties.
We have a workshop for production of† PTFE skived tape of the PN grade. We also offer FPM (fluoroplastic packing material)† tape for use as chemical-resistant self-lubricating packing and gasket material within the temperature range of -60† to +150 — under pressures of up to 64 MPa.
Ftoroplastoviye Tekhnologii JSC assists its customers in selecting suitable blanks and materials to minimise machining costs. We can fabricate any item based on the Client's sketch or drawing! We can fabricate rings with an outside diameter of up to 500 mm.
Ftoroplastoviye Tekhnologii JSC a milling and lathing machine shop where finished products are fabricated† based on Clients' drawings for various industrial uses. We have extensive experience in fabricating seals (seats, rings, gaskets) for valves and fittings (ball cocks, butterfly valves, chemical check valves) from DN20 to DN150. We make seals and parts for food-processing and oil and gas processing and instrument-making industries and seals (pressure rings, bearing rings, packing rings, cups) for various chemical pumps.
The staff of† Ftoroplastoviye Tekhnologii JSC will be happy to give you advice on fluoroplastic applications for your specific needs! If you still feel uncertain whether fluoroplastic can be used to meet your specific needs, please see the section "Fluoroplastic: General Data" and tables with properties of PTFE and PTFE-based compounds.


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