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Fluoroplastic V-rings

are fabricated in accordance with:
  • TU 2291-001-49990416-2001 (guidelines for machining fluoroplastic into finished parts)
  • GOST 10007-80, TU 6-05-810-88, TU 6-05-1413-76 (documents related to fluoroplastic)
  • GOST 22704-77 (GOST for V-rings for hydraulic equipment)
  • and Clients' drawings.

V-rings are used for sealing rods and cylinders of hydraulic equipment with a diam. of up to 2,000 mm and operating under pressures of up to 63 MPa with a reciprocal motion speed of up to 3 m/sec. in media such as mineral oil, petroleum, fresh and sea water, aqueous emulsions at a temperature of -50 to +100 .

V-rings can be fabricated from fluoroplastic blanks by machining.
This type of sealing rings is intended for heavy duty operation in any media, except molten alkali metal solutions, trifluorochlorine and elementary fluorine.
V-rings are to be used in a set with pressure and bearing rings. The complete sealing set consists of V-rings, one bearing ring and one compression ring.
Bearing and compression rings are normally made of the same material as V-rings. The number of V-rings in the sealing set depends on the operating temperature and pressure in the point of installation.
To achieve improved strength of the seal in a heavy-duty and high-pressure operational environment, it is desirable to use fluoroplastic V-rings made from the F4155 compound.

  • Prices do not include VAT (18%);
  • If you order less than 80 rings, the price will be increased by 10%.

Fluoroplastic V-rings


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