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Fluoroplastic Square and Rectangular Shapes

are fabricated from fluoroplastic blanks in compliance with TU 6-05-810-88 or TU 6-05-1413-76 as described in:
  • TU 2291-001-49990416-2001

‘торопластовые профили
ZAO Ftoroplastoviye Tekhnologii fabricates fluoroplastic shapes made from PTFE and PTFE-based compounds using the continuous skiving (planing) method.
Square and rectangular fluoroplastic shapes are used as guides in machine tools, assembly benches, plastic windows and doors; as sealants in rotors and machinery; and as packing material in chemical reactors and desorbers (in filters), etc.
We can fabricate square and rectangular shapes from fluoroplastic compounds with a section area of 4 to 120 mm2.

Image Height (H), mm Width (W), mm Price, RUR/kg
  от 0,2 до 2,0   0,2 до 2,0   450.0 RUR  
  от 2,0 до 5,0   от 2,0 до 5,0   600.0 RUR  

Fluoroplastic Square and Rectangular Shapes


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