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Fluoroplastic Stock Shapes

While polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is a thermoplastic polymer, it can not be directly processed into items using worm extrusion or compression molding due to its high melt viscosity. Therefore, polytetrafluorethylene processing methods are two-stage: 1) pressing PTFE into a preform and 2) subsequent thermal treatment of the preform in a furnace. The resultants products are  basic stock shapes such as plates, bushings, rods, tubing billets which are then machined into finished products.
Standard sizes of fluoroplastic stock shapes are dependent on the available molding tools.
1.  Square fluoroplastic plates (available in the following standard sizes: 250ő250, 300ő300, 500ő500) with thicknesses as specified in the table. PTFE sheets which can be used as lining material are also available.
2.  Fluoroplastic rods are divided into the following categories based on the molding process:
   a)  horizontally  pressed fluoroplastic rods. Stock shapes have the following characteristics:
  • length of rods is equal to the length of the molding tool. Standard lengths are as follows:  200, 300, 400, 500 mm;
  • rods have a side gate runner along the full length;
  • rods can be supplied in blocks.
   b) vertically pressed fluoroplastic rods. Stock shapes have the following characteristics:
  • length of rods is 50-110 mm. Custom height rods can be fabricated;
  • fluoroplastic rods do not have side gate runners;
  • more even distribution of material throughout the stock shape  which ensures uniform density of the material and improved physical and mechanical properties;
  • rods with new standard sizes can be fabricated at Clients' requests.
3.  Rings and bushings made from PTFE and PTFE-based compounds are fabricated in accordance with the regulatory specifications and have the following standard sizes (see the table). Fluoroplastic ring and bushing stock shapes can be machined into gaskets, packing rings, sleeves and liners, insulation bushings, etc.


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