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Products of our company

Horizontally Pressed Fluoroplastic Rods

are fabricated in compliance with the following Russian regulatory specifications:
  • TU 6-05-810-88 (polytetrafluorethylene);
  • TU 6-05-1413-76 (F420, F515, F4155, F4155);
  • TU 301-05-109-91 (F45);
  • TU 301-05-42-89 (F410).

Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is a hypocrystalline perfluorochemical ethylene polymer with the operating temperature range from -250 to +250 . The advantages of this plastic include high physical and mechanical performance and chemical properties.
High radiation resistance, mechanical strength and low permeability of fluoroplastic make it a material of choice for aviation, nuclear, chemical and medical industries.
Our company manufactures fluoroplastic stock shapes such as rods, rings, bushings, plates, tapes and parts based on Clients' drawings. We have a health and safety certificate stating that these products can be used in food-processing and medical industries.
Rods made from PTFE and PTFE-based compounds (F420, F4155, F415, F4155, F45, F42) can be machined into fluoroplastic components and items.
Horizontally pressed fluoroplastic rods are available in the following standard sizes:
Name Diameter, mm Tolerance, mm Length, mm Tolerance, mm Weight, g/item Price, RUR
  Fluoroplastic Rod   23   +/-1   310   -5   300  
  Fluoroplastic Rod   34   -1   305   -5   680  
  Fluoroplastic Rod   46   +1   300   +5   1050  
  Fluoroplastic Rod   69   +/-1   300   +5   2350  
  • Prices do not include VAT (18%);
  • Buckling (sagging) within the limits established in the regulatory specifications (TU) is acceptable;
  • rods have a side seam with a size dependent on the equipment used;
  • rods can be supplied in blocks, while the number of rods per block depends on the equipment used;
  • If you order our products online at our web site, please apply filler factors;
  • We offer a 4% discount on orders exceeding 500 kg.

Horizontally Pressed Fluoroplastic Rods


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