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Fluoroplastic Packing Material (FPM)

Fluoroplastic packing material (FPM) is "green" or unsintered fluoroplastic-4D (PTFE-D) which is a fine variety of polytetrafluoroethylene.
It is intended for use in aggressive liquid and gaseous media, except for alkali metal solutions, trifluorochlorine and elementary fluorine.
Due to its unique properties, fluoroplastic can be used as packing material. The following products are fabricated for these applications:
  • FPM braids with circular or rectangular sections;
  • FPM tapes.
FPM braid can be used as a gasket in static seals and sealing glands/stuffing boxes in pumps and valves & fittings operating under high temperature and in aggressive media.
FPM tape is used as a thread sealant for pipes made from any materials and operating under temperatures from -60 to +200 and media pressure of up to 10 MPa, and as a sealant in systems carrying both general industrial media and highly-aggressive media. The tensile strength is up to 6 MPa, elongation - from 40 to 95%.


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