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Porous Fluoroplastic Braid 'Poroflex'

is fabricated in compliance with the following Russian regulatory specifications:
  • TU 2247-085-00203521-2004
Porous fluoroplastic braid "Poroflex" is a chemical-resistant self-lubricating packing and gasket material intended for use in pumps and compressors, valves and fittings and pipes operated in:
  • heating, water supply and ventilation systems;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
  • oil-refining and gas-processing industries.
"Poroflex" is a braid with a circular or rectangular section made from PTFE-D by extrusion and thermal treatment.
"Poroflex" has a number of advantages as compared to ordinary FPM braids made from PTFE-D (FPM "V") because it has a special porous structure:

Operating parameters

Porous fluoroplastic braid


Operating temperature range

from -260 to +260

from -60 to +150

Operating media pressure, (kgf/cm2)



Additional advantages of the porous braid "Poroflex":
  • absolute resistance to all types of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents and aggressive oxidants;
  • due to high strength and plasticity, "Poroflex" can easily adapt to any (even corroded) surfaces, smoothen any roughness and eliminate flange skewing;
  • low friction coefficient prevents rod wear;
  • can be easily removed during maintenance operations as it does not stick to the walls of a stuffing box;
  • environment-friendly.
Fluoroplastic porous braids "Poroflex" can be supplied in the following sizes:
Name Section, mm Price, RUR/rm
  Fluoroplastic porous braid 'POROFLEX' 5.85.4   5,85,4   65.0 RUR  


  • Prices do not include VAT (18%);
  • Depending on the section, braid lengths vary between 2 - 50 m;
  • If you order more than 100 kg, braids can be fabricated in additional standard sizes;
  • Braid samples for testing purposes can be provided upon request.

Porous Fluoroplastic Braid 'Poroflex'


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