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Products of our company

Fluoroplastic Tapes and Films

PTFE film and sheet materials represent a significant share of the total output of PTFE items. Major consumers of these products include electrical, radio electronics and instrument-making industries where film materials are used for manufacturing cables and capacitors, as well as packing, sealing and lining materials. Fluoroplastic films are widely used in electrical and SHF equipment because they demonstrate very good performance in electrical systems. PTFE's high thermal resistance ensures good reliability and long operational life of cabling with thin insulation.
In accordance with GOST 24222-80 (Russian standard), the following types of films are fabricated:
  • capacitor oriented film is used in capacitors (KO);
  • electrical insulating oriented film is intended for use as an insulating material for wires and cables (EO);
  • electrical insulating non-oriented film is intended for use as an insulating material for wires and cables (EN),;
  • insulating oriented film (IO);
  • insulating non-oriented film is intended for use as an interlayer electrical insulating material in instruments and components (IN);
  • gasket non-oriented film is intended for use as packing, sealing and insulating material.
Our company can fabricate PTFE gasket films and tapes (in accordance with GOST 24222-80) with a width of 20 to 150 mm and thickness of 0.2 to 2.6 mm (see the product range in the table).
Tapes made from PTFE-based compounds such as F4155 and F420 should be used in heavy-duty bearings with high initial deformation. They should also be used for making self-lubricating guide and piston rings.
These tapes ate fabricated using the method of continuous skiving of a sintered blank made from a PTFE-based compound. The standard sizes of our tapes are specified in the table.


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